STINE GOYA Jasmine Dress

STINE GOYA Jasmine Dress


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The Jasmine Dress in Swans Black is a signature Goya style. It is designed with a playful and airy silhouette cut above the knee and long voluminous sleeves with buttoned cuffs. Small ruffles appear at the collar of the dress. A hook and eye closure makes it possible to close the v-neckline.

With reference to Capote’s inner circle of stylish female friends called his ‘Swans’, The Swans Black print depicts elegant swans gliding on water. The print is created as a mix of pen drawings and collage effects representing the interesting mix of characters within the Swan group. Hues of peach & light pink combined with white decorate the swans swimming in a black sea. Created as an all-over print on soft viscose.

100% Viscose

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